Friday, August 24, 2012

2nd Chance Saloon - Columbia

This past Wednesday, my brother and I went to the 2nd Chance Saloon where we participated in the Homeless Ending Happy Hour, organized by Tom Coale of HoCo Rising blog.

The party was to celebrate everyone who contributed towards the $5,150 raised to help Howard County homeless people off the streets and into group homes. Tom Coale set the goal at $2,500 but people continued to give money which resulted in surpassing the goal by 206%.  We helped in just a small way by selling home baked chocolate chip cookies and contributing $200  - see our post Hoco Rising blog fundraiser for the homeless

Rumor Mill restaurant in downtown Ellicott City was originally going to host the party. Unfortunately, the location was moved after the tragic train accident that claimed the lives of two local teenage girls in the historic district.

2nd Chance Salon is a cool place that seems like half pub and half sports bar. In addition to being filled with all sorts of creative decorations they have a dart board and pool table.

Since Wednesdays are half night burger night we decided order hamburgers.

This "Basic Burger" with cheddar cheese was chuck full of CHUCK.  It was a huge portion of well seasoned meat with a toasted bun. It was tasty enough not to need any condiments.

On the suggestion of Howard County blogger Kate Cary of we also ordered buffalo wings (extra crispy).  She is from upstate New York and said she knows what good wings taste like.  She was right!  These were medium spicy with a strong BBQ flavor.

We talked to and met some very interesting people. Tom Coale was very grateful that we came and had nice things to say about our participation in the fundraiser. 

We also met Tom Coale's mother, Christine Coale, who is an assistant director of Admissions at Lycoming College, who gave us helpful information and advice about getting into college. 

And we talked to Ellen Flynn Giles (who is running for re-election to the HoCo Board of Education) and Jessie Newburn of  hocoblogs. It was a really fun night and we look forward to participating in more fundraisers and attending more parties. 



  1. Thank you guys so much for your kind words about our restaurant! I am glad you enjoyed your experience and hope to see yall back! I wish you all the best with your endeavors and commend you for how you helped Tom Coale!
    Thanks again,
    Second Chance Saloon

  2. Thank you Ms. Jacquie. That was nice of you to post a comment. Our mom grew up in Oakland Mills and has fond memories of the restaurant when it was The Last Chance. Now we're starting a second generation tradition of going to 2nd Chance Salon. Keep up the good work & keep making those great hamburgers.