Sunday, October 14, 2012

Donations needed at HoCo Animal Control and Adoption Center

Normally, my brother and I post about restaurant reviews and how to make healthy food. However, this post is about the Howard County Animal Control center. A few weeks ago, the facility issued a plea for mature cat food donations on their Facebook page - 

Howard County Animal Control has a “Senior Food Bank” program. We collect donations from the public of pet foods and distribute them to needy senior pet owners. Our program is currently in desperate need of donations of dry and wet cat food. Donations may be dropped off directly at the shelter. Thank you.

The Howard County Animal Control is located on 8576 Davis Road, Columbia, MD

To show support for furry felines, we brought two bags of dried cat chow to donate to the Center's  "senior food bank" program.
It was so easy! We just walked in and gave them our cat food donation. Since they handle about four to five thousand animals a year, we learned that they need many pet items on a regular basis. They even created a wish list flyer to show people what they specifically need.
If you are interested in making a donation, you can choose one of the items on the wish list. To obtain a copy of this list, call the Adoption Center at (410) 313-2780.

- Thomas 

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  1. 2 Dudes Who Love Food,

    I love the idea of donating cat food for owners who need them! I may donate some myself! Just wanted to spread the word that the mobbies is out again! It would be really cool if you nominated yourselves! All you need to do is to go to I hope you post again soon!

    The Koodie