Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bethany Beach - Mickeys Family Crab House

Every summer we go to the beach. This year was no different. There were many good eats and below is just one of the many we will post ......

My grandparent's favorite crab restaurant (and now ours too) is Mickey's Family Crab House in Bethany Beach. We usually order Jumbo size crabs but they only had Large.We were a bit disappointed because we purposely arrived at the beginning of the dinner hour to have the best chance of getting the larger crabs.   

So, we asked our waitress why they were out of the big size so early.  She told us that the big sizes are generally gone by the end of lunch time.  But....in the future she said we could call the day before and place an order for the larger crabs.  That was a good tip....and she got a big one too (or so my Dad said)!

The crabs were some of the best we have ever tasted. The crab meat was very tender and sweet. We're not exactly a big fan of Old Bay seasoning but it definitely goes well with crabs. The spice on the crabs gave our mouths a run for our drinks - in a good way. 

We ordered side dishes of fries and onion rings. Although the over-sized onion rings were somewhat more crunchy on the outside then we are used to, one of us liked them and one didn't. The fries were a medium size cut and salted to perfection.

Check out this TOUT video  from the restaurant. It's a bit embarrassing but there is a funny moment at the very end of the video.  So watch Charles closely.

Pros: Consistently tasty crabs, attentive waitress who gave fabulous tips and had a good sense of humor, very casual atmosphere, picnic table seats with disposable paper rolls for tablecloths

Cons: Charles wouldn't get the onion rings again; Thomas disagrees

Recommendation: Great place for crabs at the beach

Name change Update

We're almost near the end. That's right folks, we are close to unveiling a new us.

Thanks to our family, friends and readers we have gathered quite a number of name suggestions.  Some are clever. A few funny.  A couple really stupid. And a handful we can't repeat in print.

So keep the blog name ideas coming.

We will choose a new name by the end of the week. So stay tuned...and don't touch your remote.