Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tutti Frutti- Ellicott City

Have you noticed that there is a yogurt war happening on Route 40?  Three yogurt places: Tutti Frutti, Frostberry and Yogi Castle are vigorously fighting to be the #1 yogurt place in Ellicott City. That's why we are on a journey to find out which one gets our vote.

Charles was busy so I went to Tutti Frutti with a few people in my neighborhood. 

 The self-served machines were fantastic. It enabled me to take as much or as little as I pleased.

  Here is how it works. Before you walk up to the self-serve machines, you have to choose what cup size you want. I chose small. I decided to have two flavors - Tutti Frutti (peach and strawberry) and cookies n' cream topped off with strawberries, gummy bears, and hot fudge. We weighed our yogurt to determine the price, then we sat down.

 My neighbors said that it was " great stuff." I agree. The atmosphere was modern. The chairs, lights, walls, and  everything else looks as futuristic as it can get. When my friends and I were finished, we headed on out through the door with a great feeling of satisfaction. I definitely would classify this place as a "hangout."

This is a cool picture of our yogurts being weighed so we can pay for them. One of my friends ordered vanilla, another ordered cookies and n' cream topped with oreos and brownies, the last person got cookies n' cream with a boat-load of toppings. These all look great to me, and they tasted good too.

pros: Very stylish futuristic atmosphere, fantastic-filling yogurt, and

cons: toppings can make it weigh more and become expensive

recommendations: fun place...try it