Monday, May 29, 2017

Big Fish Grill 2.0

Yesterday, we returned to an old time 2 dudeswholovefood favorite, Big Fish Grill, located in Rehobeth Beach Delaware!

I ordered a delicous Alaskan
Pecan Crusted Halibut
topped with lemon cream
sauce with a side of regular mashers,
sweet mash potatoes and
tropical fruit salsa. This generous
piece of Halibut was tender,
savory, and overall scrumptious. In
contrast, the sweet mashed potatoes
as well as the tropical fruit salsa
were a little too sweet for my taste.

My dad ordered the Big Fish Combo, a mixture 
of scalloops, tender cod and stuffed shrimp, 
with a side of homemade tartar sauce. 
The cod was a bit overcooked 
but the scallops and stuffed shrimp
were both cooked to perfection. This 
plate was on the smaller side but my 
dad believes the tasty quality of the dish
made up for its size.

Thomas ordered the Scottish Salmon, grilled with dijon cream and a choice of two sides. The dish comes with two
sides (of which my brother ordered french fries and mushrooms). According to him, the delectable fries combined with mushrooms and tangy salmon were absolutely fanastic together. He would've preferred the dijon sauce to give the Salmon a little kick to the dish but the Salmon was rather tangy instead. 
Also, my brother was saddened to learn the restaurant doesn't offer shoe-string fries anymore.

My Mom ordered the carmelized Scottish
Salmon topped with parmesean cheese.
This dish came with an option of two sides
(of which) my mom selected the mashers
and creamed spinach. "One of the best
pieces of Salmon I've ever had"
- Mama Regnante. The Salmon was tender,
smooth and loaded with a perfect
balance of sweet yet savory
flavor. This set up complimented the thick
creamy spinach and rich buttery mashed

Big Fish Spotted

Make sure if you eat seafood such as crabs, shrimp or lobster
to use Old Bay! If you live outside of Maryland, you get a pass.
Apparently every Wednesday is Lobster Night!

The 2 Dudes are back and bigger than ever,