Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lee Lynn's Dining Room and Lounge - Ellicott City

Lee Lynn's is a neighborhood place located in the Dorsey Search Village Center.  It's kinda hard to find as it sits behind a liquor store but it's worth it when you do.

 Lee Lynn's serves lunch and dinner. With only about 12 tables in the main dinning room and maybe another 12 tables in the lounge, the restaurant is on the small side.  But in the warm months, they open a big outdoor seating section. Check out the giant screen TV in the lounge, it's perfect for big sporting events. 

 For appetizers, we've had the hummus platter and buffalo wings.  The hummus is infused with herbs. I think its parsley and it makes it very tasty.  The wings are a small portion but the hummus is big enough to share.

Chipotle ranch dip

The mother of all appetizers is the Lee Lynn basket of warm home-made chips with herbs and salt seasoning that come with a chipotle ranch dip. Take a look at the photo of the empty basket on the right...this is what happens when we order these chips.  They are crunchy pieces of heaven perfectly seasoned.  We recommend you order more than one side of chipotle ranch dip.  We order at least two. It's that good.

One of our favorite menu items is the Lee Lynn burger.  It's different than any other burger we've eaten.  It comes with garlic mayo, swiss cheese, smoked bacon, crispy onion straws laced with cayenne paper and A1 sauce.  We've taken friends and family here and they agree it's one of the best burgers.  The combinations of all the toppings plus a good tasting hamburger made this an extraordinary burger. The dish comes with home made chips or for an extra fee you can order vegetables or waffle fries. 

Hint - Tuesday night is burger night  - $7.50 burgers

The famous Lee Lynn crab cake sandwich is a 7 ounce all jumbo lump crab cake that is too die for. Loaded with lumps of crab, soft  hints of Old Bay seasoning and minimal fillers this crab cake  just melts in your mouth.  My grandfather is a crab cake connoisseur.  Really.  He has eaten a lot of crab cakes in many different states. He thinks this is one of the best he's eaten.  That says a lot. 

Crab cake night is on Mondays - $11 sandwich and $13 dinner. 

Lee Lynn's is also known for its salads, cream of crab soup, small plates and entrees.  We've tried and liked the turkey club, summer salad, salmon entree and steak. 

Summer salad and Lee Lynn burger with sweet potato fries 

We highly recommend a trip to Lee Lynn's. 

- Charles

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Mobbies 2012

Tomorrow night the winners of the fourth annual Mobbies (Maryland's Outstanding Blogs) will be announced. Some of our favorite Howard County blogs could be among the winners such as HowChow, HoCo Rising, Strobist, The SoffrittoThe Tale of Two Cities, La Casa De Sweets and Village Green/ Town Squared

Good luck to all our fellow Howard County bloggers.  And a special good luck to another young food blogger, Eli of The Adventures of a Koodie. 

- Charles and Thomas 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Plumes, Monterey CA

During our trip to California, we spent the night in Monterey.  It was a half way point on our drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  Looking for breakfast, we stumbled upon this terrific American-style cafe, Plumes. 

Although Plumes is a small coffeehouse with just a few tables and chairs, it makes up for its size with the many Americana wall decorations and its AWESOME food. 

Plumes has a large choice of breakfast selections including pastries, bagels, hot beverages, etc..  I couldn't resist ordering a pastry too. The cheese danish looked too good not to try. 

Plume's cheese danish was hands-down the best cheese danish I have ever tasted. The cheese danish had the right balance of cheese, with flaky, tender dough and a slightly glazed exterior. 

My mom also got hypnotized by the pastry case and ordered this blueberry tart. She said it was packed with an abundance of sweet, fresh blueberries. She was also impressed with the presentation of the dish-  berry syrup drizzled on the dish and whip cream topped with strawberries as the finishing piece.

 Charles and I ordered their egg, bacon, and cheese on a sesame bagel. With generous amounts of egg, bacon and cheese, the bagel's soft texture and warmth brought great joy to my taste buds. 

You know your meal is well-prepared when you see it smiling right back at you. This parfait included blueberries, granola, raisins, and strawberries all mixed together with yogurt.

Finding Plumes was a highlight of our trip to Monterey.

Plumes is located at 400 Alvarado Street  Monterey, CA 93940 -  (831) 373-4526
-  Thomas 

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