Friday, August 19, 2011

Rehoboth Beach - Sole restaurant

Continuing our food adventures at the beach......

Sole is located in the heart of downtown Rehoboth Beach. It's a cool place that serves seafood and American food with a Caribbean and Cuban finish. Sitting at one of their big cozy circular booths made us feel very comfortable. 

Thomas ordered the "Just Steak and Potatoes"- 6 oz center cut fillet grilled w/ mashed potatoes, grilled zucchini, side of A-1 sauce. The steak was not as tender as I had hoped but it was seasoned nicely.  The mashed potatoes were loaded with herbs and the zucchini was grilled to perfection. 
  Charles's Cuban Pork meal - pork with crispy yucca, mojo onions, and plantains with a side of mash potatoes. The presentation of the meal was just fantastic and made me want to dig right in. The yucca was deliciously crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. The best yucca I've ever tasted.  It was similar to a french fry but even better. The flavoring of the meat and mojo onions were tasty - heavier on the citrus than the garlic. The fried plantains were made just like my favorite El Salvadorian restaurant Los Chorros in Wheaton ...fork tender and sweet.  The dish would have been perfect if the meat was more tender. My mom ordered the dish too, and she agrees.
My grandmother ordered the vegetable pasta-  penne in a Caribbean saute of tomato, basil, roasted garlic, onion, cream sauce. We all had a taste, and loved it.

My Dad ordered the Seafood Curry- A bed of black beans and rice surrounded by scallops, shrimps, and fish in a creamy curry sauce cleverly topped with a plantain chip. The presentation exceeded our expectations. We didn't taste it but my dad loved it. 

Pros:  Off the hook dish presentations, cozy seating, clever and tasty seafood, and pasta plates

Cons: Meat dishes could have been more tender but were tasty

Recommendations:  Would go back again