Sunday, May 19, 2013

Red, Hot and Blue Memphis BBQ - Laurel

Red Hot & Blue is a Memphis style BBQ joint in Laurel, Maryland.

My grandfather loves this place and says it has consistently good food.

For starters we ordered the house nachos - a choice of chili, pulled chicken or pulled pork topped with a crazy amount of jack & cheddar cheeses, green onions, tomatoes and jalapeƱos. There wasn't a single spot that was not covered in cheese, plus the flour tortilla chips were sturdy and held up nice & crispy under the weigh of the cheese. 
While my grandparents, brother Charles and mom looked over the menu, the restaurant played some pretty cool jazz over the speaker system.

We choose to put three of the toppings on the side instead of adding them to the
nachos cheesy mix. That way each of us could take a little or a lot on each bite. 

The weekday lunch special was the best buy at $6.99 that includes a variety of lunch size sandwiches, salad and soup entrees. However, since Charles and I both wanted to try the pulled pork sandwich and ribs, we ordered the Ribwich Combo  - a choice of any BBQ sandwich (beef, chicken or pork) and two St. Louis -style served wet, sweet, or dry. 

We choose the BBQ pulled pork sandwich and wet ribs with a side of hush puppies. The wet ribs, slathered mile-high in their mojo mild sauce, were fall off the bone delicious. Although the pulled pork was tender and juicy, we added extra sauce from the containers on the table - MoJo Mild just to kick it up a notch. They also had Hard Luck Vinegar flavored sauced, but we didn't try it.

 I'm a pickle guy, so I espcially loved their dill pickle spear.  It's a huge pickle ad I wouldn't have minded two more.

Next time, we'd probably order the french fries as a side instead of hush puppies. They were a bit dry and okay tasting.  

My grandma got french fries with her pulled
pork sandwich lunch special.  We all tried some - they were seasoned with something that tasted good. Not spicy just tasty.

My mom ordered the Smokehouse Salad - a chopped mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, roasted corn, beets, black-eyed peas, hard-boiled eggs, red onion and cheddar & jack cheeses for $9.99. It comes with pulled chicken and beef brisket but she was able to substitute grilled chicken. 

She LOVED this salad.  The chicken was tender, moist and had a charcoal fired favor. It tasted great with the honey mustard sauce. It was so large that she couldn't finish it but I made sure nothing went to waste. 

Here's great news - Red, Hot and Blue caters.  We noticed their trucks in the parking lot behind the restaurant.

Also, you can get this amazing BBQ when traveling around the country.  The restaurant has locations in Texas, Michigan, Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, and of course in Maryland.

- Thomas
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