Monday, October 3, 2016

Booeymonger - Washington, D.C.

Window seating overlooking Wisconsin Ave.

Booeymonger is a delicatessen that specializes in overstuffed creative sandwiches. Conveniently located just steps from the Friendship Heights metro stop on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, DC.

Although Booeymonger prides itself on speciality sandwiches, its operating hours (7 a.m. to midnight) provide all day eating opportunities from breakfast to late night desserts.

Booeymonger has 3 main areas of seating: the main open space near the register, a raised section, and atrium seating overlooking Wisconsin Avenue.

During our visit for brunch, the interior was extremely well lit and peaceful. There was a steady flow of customers but it wasn't crowded or noisy.

Veggie special sandwich

Charles selected the veggie special sandwich - grilled mushrooms, spinach, tomato,
salad veggies, alfalfa sprouts, grilled
onions and melted provolone cheese with
mayonnaise on a French baguette (he substituted the baguette for whole wheat bread).

behind the scenes
It was love at first bite -  packed with veggies held together by gooey cheese on a toasted whole wheat bread. From time to time, the ingredients fell out of the bread, but Charles didn't seem to mind.

I ordered The Ace: all natural turkey breast, grilled onions, tomato, melted muenster cheese with Russian dressing, and lettuce on a French baguette. What really makes this sandwich is the baguette that its served on - big, not too bready, soft on the inside but has a crunchy shell.
The Ace

What really makes this sandwich is the baguette - big, not too bready, soft on the inside but has a slightly crunchy shell. The only down side is its large size which made it difficult to get my mouth around. It also made for a sloppy eat. Despite these issues, the meat and toppings were a great combo and very tasty. The turkey was sliced thin - just how I like it. And the Russian dressing just makes this sandwich sing.
Yoga breakfast

My father chose the Yoga breakfast -
egg whites with sautéed spinach, tomatoes
and mushrooms served with fresh fruit
salad, and one piece of whole wheat toast. This is a great health conscious choice. It's not only a healthy breakfast, its a good hardy portion.

We all wanted to try the pancakes but didn't want an entire order. So we decided to share one pancake. The large size made it easy to do. It was fluffy, thin, and incredibly sweet. If anyone is craving pancakes, I would recommend ordering the pancake entree that comes with 3 buttermilk pancakes.

Booeymonger is a cross between a diner and a deli. Nothing fancy just quick, good eats. It was easy to order at the counter and the food was brought out in record time. It's casual atmosphere and reasonable prices are a welcome contrast between the fancier, high priced alternatives next door at Mazza Gallery. Since the place has been in operation since 1979,  we're not the only one coming back to this joint. Oh, and I really like the funky name....Booeymonger.

Check the Booeymonger website for a location near you.

 - Thomas