Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eggspectation - Montreal, Canada

 My family and I always enjoy Egggspectation in Maryland. We found out on our recent trip to Montreal that it's the birthplace of the franchise. Some menu items were the same as in the U.S, while others were pleasantly different. There were several restaurant locations in Montreal to choose from.  

Charles ordered the Eggspectation Bagel Breakfast Sandwich - decked out with a fried egg, bacon strips, tomatoes, raw onions, Swiss cheese and lettuce. This sandwich combines breakfast and lunch to form the ultimate sandwich. It's a huge sandwich and it's even bigger taste.

I selected the Western Wake-Up. The omelette was thick and filled with assortments of ham, sautéed peppers, and onions. I am completely enamored with their seasoned Lyonnaise-style potatoes ( Charles' dish also had these potatoes). Who can resist their thick, well seasoned taste and an insanely soft bite. I think these potatoes are one of the best potatoes I have ever tasted!

 My mother chose the French Toast FlambĂ© which was made with thick bread slices that kept the bread firm and tender. Topped with fresh strawberries, bananas and walnut laced with an incredible pure Canadian syrup sauce, it was the bomb. What a difference the real deal syrup makes!
Charles ordered a fruit shake which was available in a variety of flavors. While it looked great when it was brought to our table, it wasn't very sweet.  Maybe we are just used to more sweet shakes in the U.S.  He wouldn't order this again, but it was worth trying.  

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