Friday, June 8, 2012

Our first week - Breezy Willow Farm CSA

Our family has belonged to Howard County's Breezy Willow Farms CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for a number of years.  Breezy Willow is a certified organic farm located in West Friendship owned by the Caulder family.

Charles with farmer RJ Caulder.
She and her family (husband Ken, son Jason and daughter Casey)  own and operate
 Breezy Willow organic Farm in West Friendship 

What's a CSA?  It's when the community buys a "share"of what the farmer grows.  So, we signed up for their 24 week spring/summer CSA which runs from June to November.  Each week we get a huge selection of organic, seasonally fresh fruits and vegetables, local bread and eggs.

Why do we buy from a farmer rather than buy all our food in a grocery store? It's a win-win situation because we get better quality & better tasting farm food and we support farmers in our own county so they can stay in business. Plus, we get to know the farmers who actually grow our food.

He's how it works.  Once a week we go to Miller Branch library (one of their many Howard County pick-up locations in addition to their farm).

We sign in with the farmer at the check in table. Then we carry our bags and fill them with an assortment of farm produce from bins that are laid out in an assembly line.

This week we received the best strawberries EVER. Melt in your mouth strawberries that barley made the car ride home.
This weeks selections included cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries, radishes, squash, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, beets, eggs and bread. 


At the end of the line we get to choose from a variety of Great Harvest Bread company breads including Challah, Cinnamon Chip, Honey Whole Wheat, rolls, blueberry loaf & more.  At the suggestion of the farmer we decided to try the Rosemary sliced bread.  He said that it was very dense, but if we used a toaster on a bagel setting we wouldn't be disappointed.  He wasn't was amazing!!!!

For more information on Howard County's Breezy Willow Farm click here ( and here (HowChow Blog) for reviews.  Or visit the farm website here