Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scoop-Ahh-Dee-Doo ice cream - historic Ellicott City

We continued our Main Street Appreciation Weekend with a visit to Scoop-Ahh-Dee-Do last night.

Scoop-Ahh-Dee-Doo is a little hard to find, but it is worth the trip. The store consists of only a window where you purchase your dairy treat but there are plenty of chairs, tables, and benches to sit on outside in a cozy courtyard. 

It is located in historic Ellicott City next to the Little French Market CafĂ© and directly off of the parking lot near Tersiguel's.

There are about 19 ice cream flavors to choose from including classic vanilla to the unusual maple & bacon.

They also have sherbets, milkshakes, non-fat frozen yogurt soft serve, and pints.
Cookies & Cream - I loved the way the
cookie pieces blended in
 with the creamy flavors
of the ice cream. Plus, the two scoop ice cream cone
was so big it felt like I never was going to finish it!

The two scoops of cookies & cream on a cake cone was a great deal for $4.50. 
Charles thought his one scoop cup of salty caramel was incredibly sweet and delicious.

This was our first time at Scoop-Ahh-Dee-Do and it is certainly not our last. This place was the bomb! I can't believe we didn't discover this store earlier. Now, thanks to the suggestion of HoCo Rising blogger 
Tom Coale, it is our favorite ice cream store!

- Thomas