Saturday, June 10, 2017

Milkboy Arthouse - College Park, MD

What recently opened up a month ago in College Park, features live entertainment, and has an odd name? The answer to all three questions is two words: Milkboy Arthouse.

Featuring a performance venue as well as a craft bar in addition to the eatery, Milkboy Arthouse is not just a typical American type restaurant (an understatement to say the least).

The restaurants's two different sections are separated by floor. The second floor is where  MilkBoy arthouse hosts their back room live entertainment (some events may be restricted to individuals 18 years or older or 21 years and older). On the first floor, there is the restaurant and bar section - which I'll be describing for this review.
The bar in the back of the restaurant
Each table receives a bottle
for refills. I just love this
charming aspect! It reminded me
of the restaurant customs in Italy.
Right when I walked in, I was surprised with how spacious the lower eating area was (trust me, this picture is deceiving). Also, the restaurant is extremely cozy, especially on nice and warm summer days when you seek refuge from the blazing heat outside.

Although the current menu lacks a substantial list of options to chose from, keep in mind that the restaurant has just opened and that this is their tentative menu; they'll be expanding their menu throughout the summer and the fall. However, this doesn't mean that their existing items aren't worth your money (far from it). With that being said, Charles selected the turkey sandwich (as a more health conscious option) while I selected the hangover burger (definitely not a health conscious option).

turkey sandwich
 The turkey sandwich consisted of bourbon honey roasted turkey breast, lemon thyme aioli, anjou pears, cherry pepper relish, bacon, and baby greens as well as a side of fries (all sandwiches come with a side of fries). The bread was toasted, and moisted down with the lemon thyme aioli to perfect texture. The turkey combined with pears, and sweet relish packed a powerful punch of flavor. Soft turkey, crispy bacon, delectable greens, subtle pears, and light relish added up to one of the best turkey sandwiches I've ever had. On a side note, the fries were tasty but too brittle for my liking.

hangover burger

The hangover burger was comprised of brisket blend patty, fried egg, smoked bacon, pickled peppers, cheddar, and chili mayo. The first thing I noticed was incredibly soft the burger (as well as every ingredient) was. This burger literally melted in my mouth every time I took a bite. Plus, all the ingredients complimented each other to produce a taste - characterized as an almost tangy flavor - that is the epitome of delicious. What really completes this burger is the fried egg. I can ramble on about how the yolk only slightly oozes when you bite into it, how the fried egg is not too overpowering and doesn't detract from the overall flavor, and how the fried egg contributes to the texture of the burger as a whole. But, you have to actually try this burger to believe me. This is how a burger should be, bravo Milkboy Arthouse!

One happy dude who loves food

Overall, I am infatuated with Milkboy Arthouse! From the atmosphere to the food, I love it all. Caution to any college students in the area though, it is on the pricier side in the $10-$20 range. However, regardless of price, I highly recommend trying Milkboy Arthouse's entrees if you're in the area. Even if you're not in the area, you won't be disappointed if you decide to stop in. 

Also, if anyone decides to try Milkboy Arthouse in the future, let me know what new menu items they have. I would love to come back and give this place a second review!

- Thomas