Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Caramel Apples for our Volunteer Fire Department's 125th anniversary

Our local Ellicott City Volunteer Fire Department is celebrating its 125th birthday this year. So, we decided to thank them for their service to our community by making something special. 

Since has a crazy amount of awesome recipes for Halloween we decided to make 's recipe for 
Caramel Apples - click for the full recipe.  

We bought autumn crisp apples at Harbin Farms but you can use whatever type you like. 

The Caramel Apple recipe is really easy.  And it took no time at all to make the caramel.  Don't forget to be really attentive to the caramel sauce otherwise it will get too thick to coat the apples. 
The most challenging part of the recipe is dipping the apples in the caramel sauce.  Make sure you have a strong and sturdy stick holder because the caramel sauce will make the apples very heavy.
Make sure you chop up all the decorations you want to attach to the
apples BEFORE you make the sauce.  Once the apples are covered
 in caramel you need to quickly adhere the decorations before
the sauce hardens.

 Get creative with the decorations. We went crazy with different things. Use whatever foods you think will taste good with apples.  You can't make a mistake.
Clif Bar Oatmeal Raisin Walnut

Dark Chocolate and Mint Morsels

Newman's Own Fig Newmans and Marshmallows 

Annie's Bunny Grahams and white chocolate morels 

Ann's House of Nuts Vanilla Yogurt Dipped Pretzels 
Toasted coconut and dried apricots  

30 Flavor Jelly Belly Bean 

We labeled each apple with a "Happy 125th" tag and then we hand delivered them to the fire house station.  We had a great time meeting the ECVFD men and women.

For more Halloween food ideas, check out 's 
Halloween "Eat, Drink and Be Scary" section at

- Charles