Friday, August 12, 2011

How2chow needs your help!

We chose the name How2Chow because it is part of the title of the documentary film we made at school last year called "How2Chow: Bee Natural".  We thought it was a clever name because it described what we want to do with our blog: review restaurants locally and in our travels and post videos on "how to" make healthy food.

But after we started blogging we realized that our name looks too much like "HowChow" - the veteran food blogger. Therefore, we are changing our name.  We tossed around a few names last night but couldn't agree on one.  So, we need your help.  We are taking suggestions from readers. Be creative and maybe your name idea will be our new blog title.

Our first Blog Party

Last night,  we attended our very first Howard County bloggers party at Stanford Grill in Columbia.  It was pretty cool to be in the same room with a lot of very famous bloggers.  We met people from the Howard County Library, the Baltimore Sun, Sanford Grill, HoCoBlogs and more....... 

The party was located on the restaurant's outdoor deck where they served us mini desserts.  After trying many different types, we decided our favorite was the Banana Pudding. Although we didn't have dinner we saw many good-looking dishes coming out of the kitchen. We met the restaurant's COO Juancarlo Parkhurst. He told us that Stanford Grill is locally owned and operated.  We are big supporters of local Hoco places so we are definitely going to try this restaurant sometime soon.

 At the end of the night,  HoCoBlog’s Jessie Newburn gave a terrific speech saying how the blogging community has grown over the years. Next, she played a game with us.  She asked attendees to raise their hands if they wrote about the party using  social media. Then, BAM! ! she tossed prizes - Stanford Grill gift cards -  to random people who raised their hands at the party.  Well, the last gift card  - a $100 Macy’s gift card donated by the Baltimore Sun - went to us!  She introduced us to everybody and told them we were new junior food bloggers.  It was an exciting night.