Sunday, April 22, 2012

Halal Meat - Catonsville

Halal Meat 

My family and I were on Route 40 in Catonsville when we saw the sign for Halal Meat in a shopping center just passed the Howard County line.  Curious what it was, we walked right in. Inside the Middle Eastern market it looked like a small grocery store with items lining the walls on both sides of one middle isle.

The first thing we recognized was the cherry juice containers.  Last year when we went to Istanbul there was a popular drink made from cherry, orange and lemon juice.  It was sold everywhere and we loved it.  When we asked how to make it, we were told it contained cherry and orange juice but not just any juice ....the one that comes from these juice boxes because they have a sweeter taste.  We plan to make the Istanbul drink at home so look for another post soon about this drink!

At the end of the store was the meat/fish department and a small produce section.  We ordered 2 organic whole chickens and a ready-made kabob mixture of chicken and spices.  They told us the chickens were from local farms.  A HUGE electric saw is used to cut the meat anyway you like....we got it in very small pieces to use on the  grill. Oh, if you want....they sell whole lambs and goats.

 When we were looking around the store another customer was really nice and give us a lot of suggestions on what to buy.  He was behind us in line when we were paying for our items. It was then that he reached inside the glass enclosed cold drink container and handed both of us a soda called Limca.  He said it is made in India and he buys it by the case for his family.  He wanted us to try the sodas.  When the owner heard the customer was treating us to soda, he offered to spilt the cost of the two sodas.  How cool is that!  You never know what could happen! And for the record it tasted good....had a lemon-lime taste. 

We couldn't find a website for Halal Meat but it is located at 5224 A Route 40 in Catonsville (a few stores down from Panera and Pier 1) (410) 455-0055.