Sunday, July 7, 2013

La Maree Restaurant - Montreal, Quebec

 La Maree restaurant is located near the port in the heart of old town Montreal. We sat in the outside patio area covered by a blue awning overlooking a town square that was alive with street performers and vendors.

La Maree serves French foods and is known for its  seafood, steak and grills.

My brother and my mom both ordered the Filet de Saumon, servi avec riz et legumes - a grilled salmon fillet served with rice and vegetables. The top had a slight crisp but was moist and tender inside covered  with an alluring light cream sauce with peppercorn and fresh parsley flakes. Paired with the side of rice and vegetables, it was amazing.

I ordered the Chicken Sante Fe composed of tender grilled chicken topped with thick and creamy goat cheese, succulent zucchini and roasted peppers with a side of a vegetables and rice. It was amazing.
My dad ordered the Tortellini Au Fromage Ricotta, Sauce Rosee - pasta stuffed with thick ricotta cheese in a tantalizing red rosee sauce. It was tasty but after seeing our grilled salmon and chicken dishes he wished he had orded the same.

With its unique location on the corner of the famous Place Jacques Cartier in old town and its awesome grilled seafood and meats,  La Maree is certainly worth the visit. Plus, the service was quick and friendly. We'd go back in a heartbeat.

Place Jacques Cartier in old town Montreal

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