Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thai Iced Tea - Thai Amora (Ellicott City)

I thought this would be a good Halloween post since my favorite new drink looks bright orange.

Recently, we decided to head back to our favorite Howard County Thai restaurant, Thai Aroma located in the Lotte Plaza shopping center on Rt. 40 in Ellicott City. 

 Thai Ice Tea
I noticed the table next to ours had several of these orange colored drinks. The waiter told us it was Thai Ice Tea - a blend of special Thai tea, milk, sugar and ice. The thai leaf bleeds orange which gives it that bright orange glow.

I usually order water when we go out to restaurants but this time I decided to switch it up and order the Thai Iced Tea.  It was truly remarkable.  The taste is somewhere between a sweet milkshake and a flavored ice tea. 

Definitely worth trying, even if you don't normally like tea. 

Here is a picture of me and one of our favorite waiters at Thai Amora who just returned from a 3 month visit to Thailand.   His family owns the restaurant and he is an avid follower of our blog.   Thanks Tai Denpong! 

- Charles 

Breezy Willow Farm CSA - Howard County, MD

Our Breezy Willow Farm's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) season is slowly coming to an end. While we didn't photograph everything we made with our organic vegetables, fruits, eggs and bread (mainly because most of the time we ate everything before we could get a hold of a camera) but here's a look at some of the things we made.

If you want to learn more about Breezy Willow Farm's different CSA programs then go to the farm website or read some of our older blog posts here and here . Another great source of Breezy Willow Farm information is another blogger Kitchen Scribble who does a great job photographing her share almost each week.

Fresh ravioli  with tomato sauce (tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil) 

Meatball sub (tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil) on bread from la madeleine bakery 
Sautéed fresh spinach with garlic and olive oil

Fresh washed spinach 

Butternut squash baked with BW honey.  Farmer RJ Caulder
suggested we put them on pancakes with syrup and raisins.
They tasted as sweet as baked apples slices. 

Roasted brussel sprouts 
Quiche (ham, broccoli, onions, garlic) w/ garlicky spinach & b sprouts

Italian meatloaf (onions, garlic, tomato, left over garlic spinach, rosemary/lavender bread, basil)  with oven roasted romanesco cauliflower and garlicky mashed potatoes

Romanesco cauliflower 

Cavatappi pasta,  broccoli, peas, asparagus, roasted onions and Sweet Italian sausage  in a artichoke pesto sauce 

Fusilli basil pesto with peas, broccoli, roasted eggplant &  peppers tossed with pecorino cheese - some veggies
were from Clark's produce stand 

We get one loaf of our choice weekly. Our favorite bread EVER - Great Harvest Lavender Rosemary - made with Breezy Willow eggs, lavender and rosemary.  Although there are many different breads to choose from each week, such as Honey Whole Wheat (using BW honey), Challah, Cheddar Garlic, Nine Grain, Tuscan Herb, Rye and more,  we mostly come back to the Lavender Rosemary because it goes with just about anything - PBJ, cheese, deli meats, toasted (on bagel setting) with BW pumpkin butter. Hint - since the Lavender Rosemary is sliced thick, try it in a toaster on "bagel setting".  Breezy Willow suggest that to us and it was soooo good. 

Great Harvest Lavender Rosemary grilled cheese using Tomato/Basil Cheddar
from Bowling Green Farms
Tomato/Basil Cheddar  
Great Harvest Lavender and Rosemary bread with peanut butter and blueberry jam. This is usually in our school lunchbox. 

Breakfast with BW cantaloupe, blueberries and peaches & cottage cheese. 

Homemade Apple Pumpkin bread 

Breezy Willow Farm Honey Graham Ice cream 
Breezy Willow Farm just started making its own ice cream.  Our family has tried the Honey Graham and Ben's Blueberry Blast flavors which we all LOVED.  Other flavors include Casey's Key Lime Pie, Salt Lick, Maple Bacon, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mousse Brownie, Honey Lavender and Pumpkin. Our goal is to try them all.

One of the many Breezy Willow Farm jams, jellies and butters we have tried. Pumpkin butter is our favorite.

- Charles

Boo - It's Halloween

Halloween 2012

I just returned from trick or treating with my friends. My neighborhood has some pretty generous homeowners as you can see from the enormous amount of candy I got. Don't worry we don't eat it all.  My dad takes most of it to work after we eat some of our favorite candies. My favorite are milky way, snickers and twix bars.

We got so excited about Halloween that we forgot to post blogs we wrote over the long weekend when we didn't have school.  So, we're going to post them now.

Happy Halloween.

- Thomas