Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Classic Italian Easter Dinner

Easter at Aunt Millie's house

This year on Easter, my family spent the holiday dinner with my relatives in New York. My Aunt Millie hosted the Easter dinner - something she has done for decades.

I come from a very large Italian American family so the meal was a blend of Italian American and American favorites. 

For many Italian Americans, it is a  tradition for the first course of a holiday or special occasion meal to be  pasta. 

 Aunt Mille cooked giant pans of 
manicotti -very large pasta tubes stuffed with rich ricotta and Italian cheeses - served in a homemade tomato sauce or "gravy" as Aunt Millie calls it. 
(Left) Then the second part  of the meal was served. Aunt Millie's meatballs, braciole and spare ribs were cooked in her homemade tomato sauce. Which made both the meat and the sauce unbelievable delicious. 

(Right) Gigantic pieces of broccoli served in a olive oil and garlic sauce. 

Stuffed mushrooms with seasoned bread crumbs, olive oil and parmigiano reggiano cheese. 

(Right) Chicken Parmesean was  tender, seasoned breaded chicken topped with melted mozzarella cheese in a thick tomato sauce. My brother Thomas and I couldn't get enough of this. This was our absolute favorite dish of the night. I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Aunt Millie served both stuffed (above) and oil and garlic roasted artichokes. These always go fast.

The leg of lamb was full of luscious juicy tasting meat that was bombarded with different spices to give it a kick.

Roasted asparagus in oil and garlic sauce sprinkled with  fresh grated parmigiano cheese. 

There was even more food I didn't get pictures of like the succulent roast beef, creamy mashed potatoes, salad and warm semolina bread.  

And I'm really sorry I didn't get any pictures of the dessert table. Yes, an entire table filled with desserts like homemade Uncle Jack's tiramisu and apple tart, Cousin Karen's homemade cream puffs drizzled with chocolate and key lime pie cheese cake an assortment of more pies, cakes and Italian cookies. 

Let's just say I was too busy eating to take pictures. 

The dinner was a real celebration of our Italian heritage 

Brava Aunt Millie!!! 

- Charles