Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cafe Bonaparte - Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Cafe Bonaparte is a quaint cafe located on Wisconsion Avenue in Georgetown. It is known for its fabulous french items such as crepes, french toast and croque monsieurs. Click here to check out their menus for brunch (on weekends), breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
Georgetown D.C.
This place offers high-quality food at reasonable prices. For brunch, I ordered the Belvedere, 2 eggs (any style) and french toast. This was a phenomenal dish all-around. The eggs were fluffy and delectable with a little bit of herbs added on top. Meanwhile, the french toast amazed me with its moist, soft, sugary goodness. It was a match made in heaven which only costed $12 (which is pretty reasonable for food in D.C.)

Cafe Bonaparte was so incredible for brunch that I had to go back for dinner. This time, I ordered the Marseille Crepe. Usually when I hear the word, crepe, I think of something sweet and jam-packed with nutella or strawberries. However, this dish reminded me that crepes can be savory too and equally delicious. Tender chicken, crispy red peppers, luscious sour cream and extra thick red peppers sauce on top created a lethal combination of flavor. Had I not been a financially struggling college student, I would've definelty ordered a second round of this dish.

(Above left) At night, they have a lighted eiffel tower sculpture in front of the window. For all you young people out there, this just shows you that Cafe Bonaparte is always lit. French food + friends + dining out = fun = Cafe Bonaparte.

Make sure you wake your way out to Cafe Bonaparte for fantastic crepes, french toast, sandwiches, and much more!

- Charles