Monday, February 18, 2013

Tersiguel's French Country - Historic Ellicott City

Located in historic Ellicott City, Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant is well-known locally and throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area. 

For many years, my school's music department has partnered with Tersiguel's Restaurant for a fundraiser event filled with terrific music and great French food. Throughout the evening, student musicians performed solo and ensemble pieces for the customers who were mainly family members and friends. The restaurant was filled to capacity.

My family sat with some of my band friends and their parents in the Church Room (photos above). Each room in this multi-floor restaurant has a different theme. 

 As a percussionist, I performed a solo version of  "Clocks" by Coldplay on the bells. Student performances included vocals, instrumentals, and strings.

 As soon as my friends and I were seated together, we were welcomed with Shirley Temples and a fresh bread basket which was refilled many times during the course of the evening.

 The multi-course menu started with an appetizer plate of cheese, meat, and vegetables including pate and olives.

For our entrees, we could chose from either the salmon or the beef bourguignon.

I decided to order the salmon instead of the beef bourguignon. The salmon was topped with a light cream sauce with herbs. It was fork-tender and quite tasty. Not only was the salmon fork-tender, but all the vegetables and potatoes were too.

 I had the beef bourguignon last year. I remember that it was very succulent, juicy, and delicious.

 For dessert, we all enjoyed a glass of chocolate mousse. It was a good sized portion that had me mining the bottom of the glass for more.

  Here I am taking a picture with the owner, Fernand Tersiguel.
What a terrific fun-filled night at his restaurant.

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