Monday, November 3, 2014

Celebrating National Sandwich Day and NEW David's Natural Market

To celebrate National Sandwich Day, 

we are featuring one of our favorite sandwiches - 

The Powerhouse at David's Natural Market 

We eat a David's Natural Market Powerhouse sandwich - Monetrey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, Vegenaise mayo, Italian seasoning, garlic powder on Shiloh Farms organic seven grain bread - at least once a week. It's great for a snack or meal. 

Try the sandwich in David's grab-n-go refrigerator, cafe or buy the ingredients and make a bunch of sandwiches yourself. 

Speaking of David's Natural Market, here's a peak at the brand new building that DNM moved into last week. They opened for business on Thursday, Oct. 30. 
Don't let this sign scare you. There's lots of construction going
on in the Wilde Lake Village Center but David's is open. 

Legendary and long time DNM Cafe Chef Barbara in the new kitchen 
Huge refrigerated aisles stocked with lots of organic and natural products
Look who I ran into?  THE David of David's Natural Market.
David (left), me, and store General Manager Greg Resch (right) in front of the new produce section 

The meat department features local products like Wagon Wheel Ranch in Mt. Airy, MD 

The new Cafe is triple the size of the old one. And that's true for the cafe seating area too that is situated in the front of the store overlooking floor to ceiling windows. 

More check out lines have been added 

Congratulations DNM!  The new store is awesome.

- Thomas