Friday, January 31, 2014

Improving School Food - Cafeteria Connection

Howard County student leaders meeting 

Thomas attended a meeting recently where school officials asked a group of student leaders their opinions about the school food program.

There was no shortage of opinions about what students want to eat in the school cafeteria. Among the top suggestions were adding more healthy foods, grab-and-go options (to avoid long food lines) and vegetarian selections.

We agree with these suggestions and have a few more of our own.

Thomas speaking at the meeting 
So, when we heard about the White House Student Film Festival we thought, why not make a film about how we can improve the school lunch for every student, not just students in our county.

The White House Film Festival theme is technology - how it is currently being used in schools and how it can aid education in the future.  Our film focuses on technology in the cafeteria and how it can be used so students can practice the nutrition education they learn in class.

So, here's our White House short film, Cafeteria Connection

If you have any ideas on how to improve school lunch or breakfast, let us know.

- Charles