Friday, August 12, 2011

How2chow needs your help!

We chose the name How2Chow because it is part of the title of the documentary film we made at school last year called "How2Chow: Bee Natural".  We thought it was a clever name because it described what we want to do with our blog: review restaurants locally and in our travels and post videos on "how to" make healthy food.

But after we started blogging we realized that our name looks too much like "HowChow" - the veteran food blogger. Therefore, we are changing our name.  We tossed around a few names last night but couldn't agree on one.  So, we need your help.  We are taking suggestions from readers. Be creative and maybe your name idea will be our new blog title.


  1. TwoBrothers
    Howard Chownty
    HoCo Culinary

  2. Hi,

    This is another food blogger named the koodie. I am also a boy, though I am 10 years old. I don't have a name, though like my name, Adventures of a Koodie, a koodie is a kid foodie, a foodie is a person who likes food and adventures is part of my e-mail address, you should pick up facts from what you both like and other good ideas, or you could get ideas from your parent's and friends(I'm talking about friends in your neighborhood, not the ones on your website.

  3. Hi Eli...Of course we know you. You do a great job on your blog. Thanks for the advice and for following us. Maybe we can meet and review a resturant some day? Until then happy eats!

    Thomas and Charles

  4. Good luck with your name search. Try to think of something that connects with why your blog is so unique- two young brothers, healthy food, maybe think beyond Howard County for a name if you plan to travel a lot. Here are thoughts to get your creativity moving: TheYumOfIt; HoCoBocas; or GrubBros. You could also go with something very self explanatory like HoCoFoodReview. :) Either way, have fun with it and great job on your blog.