Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shakeup milkshakes

Update - CLOSED 

Ever heard of a healthy milkshake?  We hadn't either.  That's until we were invited to try a good-for-you (AND great tasting) milkshake from Shakeup  - a dairy and non-diary lab.  

We visited their second U.S. location, a kiosk in The Mall in Columbia (Maryland), that just opened a few weeks ago.  

According to Shakeup, they invented a shake that is made with 100% natural ingredients. That means there's no preservative, artificial flavors or colors. 

Plus the shakes are enriched with dietary pre-biotic fibers, vitamins and minerals - all without compromising the creamy, richness of a traditional milkshake.  

Shakeup worked with a food engineer and a chef to develop this secret base formula. 

Here's how it works:  
(1) choose your flavor
(2) pick a size  - Small ($4.69), Medium ($5.99) or Large ($6.99), then
(2) determine a dairy or non-dairy base - regular, low fat or soy (sugar free coming soon)

There are over 150 different flavor combinations that can be added to the base to make shakes - like banana and nutella, cookies n' cream, and coffee and caramel. 

Or make your own custom shake.  For low cal, add different fresh fruit to the base (240 calories/small before adding flavors).  Or splurge by adding candies and cereals such as Fruit Loops, Snickers or Kit Kats to the base. 

Thomas and I tried four shake flavors -  the pecan pie, Irish cream, pineapple and strawberry, and pumpkin cheesecake. 

It's hard to believe these are healthy milkshakes.  The drinks were so creamy and thick that Shakeup gives you both a straw and spoon. 

The flavors in each shake were incredible - each ingredient was distinguishable but none was too strong or too sweet.  My favorite was the pecan pie that didn't disappoint in the carmel flavor department. 

Each shake comes with an optional and FREE topping of fresh (made daily) whipped cream. 

                                                                          We liked the shakes so much that we asked the Shakeup girl to take a photo with us.  

Good news for Howard County high school students - just present your school ID and get a 10% discount on any shake. 

The Shakeup team is also offering a free taste to local bloggers. Contact the Shakeup U.S. project manager Mr. T (Tsachee) Zilberfarb at to schedule a visit. 

UPDATE - My original post has the incorrect email for Mr. T (Tsachee) Zilberfarb. The correct email (  is now listed. 


Shakeup Lab on Urbanspoon

The Mall in Columbia
Lower level (Next to food court across from Five Guys)

Towson Town Center
Grand Court Level 1


  1. The ingredients sound tasty. Regarding their "healthy" claim, all I could see from the website is the fat is reduced in the milk/ice cream from 2.8% to 1.7%. Each shake will have a different fat/calorie/fiber profile, but can they support their "healthy" claim for the shakes that are on the menu and aren't custom?
    Thanks for the helpful review!

  2. Thanks for the question. We think the base shake is one of the healthiest shakes in the industry because there are no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors added. Basically, it is made from all natural ingredients. With 150+ flavors to add to the base, obviously some shakes are healthier than others. We realize everyone's definition of healthy is different, but ours concentrates on whole ingredients are chemical free. We do consider calories and all, but ingredients are our priority. Feel free to contact Mr. T (Tsachee) Zilberfarb at for more specific info - he is a vey friendly guy who welcomes all questions.

  3. UPDATE - the original blog post and my comment above had the incorrect email for Mr. T (Tsachee) Zilberfarb. The correct email is