Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cafe Normandie - Downtown Annapolis, MD

My girlfriend Gracie suggested we eat at Cafe Normandie. Located in the historic area on Main Street, the restaurant is only blocks away from the Governor's mansion, State House and the Annapolis Waterfront. 

Maryland State House

holiday decorations
There was a glass-enclosed fireplace in the center of the restaurant. How cool is that?!

Gracie ordered the tomato mozzarella prosciutto sandwich on a baguette. It was a hit with Gracie.
The bread was incredibly soft and toasty. The prosciutto, tender, the mozzarella, thick and flavorful. The restaurant gave her a sizable (object may appear to be smaller in photo) lunch portion.
I ordered the Trout Almondine, trout garnished with sliced almonds and served with green beans and carrots. This was my first time trying an almondine fish dish and OHHH BOY was it delicious. The trout was buttered and seasoned to perfection. The moist and crispy trout combined with the delectable sliced almonds and fresh vegetables made for one knockout fish entree.  I'd recommend this dish to anyone who likes seafood or almondine dishes. 
For dessert, Gracie and I shared un crepe a la fraise. This crepe is filled with fresh-cut strawberries and whipped cream topped with strawberry sauce and MORE whipped cream! Everything tasted very fresh and wholesome. Gracie said this dish was "berry" GOOD. This dish really does taste as fantastic as it looks!
Gracie and I both ordered coffee 

Gracie is jubilant that she is getting a
refill of coffee


Our waiter Travis was awesome. He had a great sense of humor and offered several suggestions that turned out to be terrific.
The bathrooms were very stylish and I felt obliged to take a picture.


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