Thursday, February 19, 2015

Yama Asian Fusion - Ellicott City, MD

Yama Asian Fusion is an new restaurant located in the new Forest Green shopping center on Route 40 across from the Double T Diner.

My mom Lisa and I tried it for lunch recently. 

Check out the ceiling design

It's clear that Yama put considerable thought into the decor that has a modern and futuristic feel reflected in the wall and ceiling art, furniture and lighting. I'd rank the restaurant as one of the coolest designs I've seen.

Bar area

99% of the time, I  order only water at a restaurant. However, when I saw a Virgin Pina Colada on the menu, I made an exception. The mix was thick and sweet with a strong coconut taste but easy to suck through the straw. The only problem I had was the "brain freeze" I got because I couldn't get enough of it and drank it too fast.

The menu has a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes to choose from.

My mother ordered sushi - the Sexy Lady Roll,
shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, smoked salmon wrapped in soy paper topped with colorful tobiko sauce.

She LOVED the combination of sweet sauce, crunchy cucumber and tempura with the salty, smoked salmon. Like me, my mom loves salmon. Although she really enjoyed this dish, she said the salmon taste was very pronounced. So it may not be good for someone who doesn't love salmon.
I choose the lunch option "any two rolls" and selected the AAC and California Rolls.
It was my first time trying the ACC Roll - a vegetarian roll of asparagus, cucumber and avocado. Both rolls were packed with very fresh ingredients and tender to the bite.

We received complimentary candy after the meal

Between the miso soup (came with the lunch special), sushi rolls and Virgin Pina Colada, I walked out of Yama Asian Sushi stuffed and satisfied. 

My mom was pretty happy too after finding a new favorite sushi roll, Sexy Lady.  

Yama Asian Sushi was a big hit. We are planning on returning with my dad and brother Charles. 
Check out the outdoor seating area in the summer

- Thomas

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