Sunday, March 8, 2015

Union Oysters House - Boston

Recently, I traveled to Boston to participate in the Harvard Model Congress conference with my school delegation. During the duration of the conference, my roommates and I found some great places to eat in Boston. One of them was Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in the United States. Known for its seafood, this famous restaurant has been operating since 1826. In fact, the Union Oyster House building itself has been deemed a national historic landmark by the National Park Service.

At the front of the restaurant, there is a large glass tank filled with humongous Lobsters. 

The restaurant interior was magnificent - an incredible bar and seating area with several large screen TV's and Boston & sports paraphernalia all nicely decorated in an antique fashion.

Dinning with a few members of my high school Harvard Model Congress delegation (right to left): Brian, Muhammad, Amy, Suqi, Drew, me, and Ben.

Everybody got a fresh piece of Cornbread on

For an appetizer, I ordered a small cup of Boston Clam Chowder.
The sweet flavor of the cream joined with the
salty clam broth made for one killer soup. I enjoyed how
the oyster crackers were mixed into the soup for extra texture.

For my main course, I had a fried fish filet sandwich served with fries and a pickle. The sandwich: crisp lettuce, savory tomato, and fried fish inside a soft bun. The fish itself was outrageously good: tender and lightly battered but crisp to the bite - didn't even need tarter sauce. I don't think you can go wrong with any type of fish at this restaurant.

We drank so much water
that the waitress brought us this
cool looking pitcher. 

My friend Muhammad ordered the Ye Olde Seafood Platter.  This platter was a seafood smorgasbord - fried fish, clams, oysters, scallops, shrimp and calamari served with french fries 
and cole slaw.  This probably wasn't the healthiest dish but OH BOY was it delicious - a delicate batter that hugged the seafood but was light and airy at the same time. This entree was so big that my friend had to take half of it back to the hotel.

 My friend Drew ordered the Lobster Salad Roll.  Drew said that it was full of unbelievable fresh, large chunks of lobster meat that was complimented by, but not overpowered by, the other ingredients of  melted butter, mayonnaise, diced celery, scallions and a sprinkle of parsley. 

Well done Union Oysters House! 
Wooden Sculpture of a Fish

- Charles
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Walking through Quincy Market en route to
Union Oyster House 

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  1. Superb article! Everything look so yummy! I have tried this Seafood Platter in a Boston restaurant. Well, Italian and Chinese food is also very good in Boston restaurants. But sea food is my favorite.