Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ellicott City Flood - Relief Efforts

Historic Ellicott City before the flood
It has been a week since the historic area of my town, Ellicott City, was devastated by a hideous flood. The storm destroyed much of the town, demolished sidewalks and the foundation of buildings.

Founded in 1772, the history of  Ellicott City pre-dates the Civil War - click here for more information.

We take great pride that many of the historic buildings are meticulous cared for and give our downtown its charm.

These streets housed a vibrant business district, including restaurants that we visited often.

It's really awful to see all the places you grew up with just obliterated. In just a blink of an eye, businesses, homes and two people, just gone.  It's really hard to even wrap our heads around that.

The road to recovery will be long but Ellicott City will #RiseAboveTheWater.

To help people and businesses get back on their feet, we are publicizing the following pages for the affected restaurants in the historic district (HT to Floria Volynskaya's Facebook page). Please help if you can.

Every penny helps to get these restaurants back on main street. So, let's all do our part in restoring the town we love back to its former glory.

Judge's Bench -

Ellicott Mills Brewing Company -

La Palapa Mexican Grill & Cantina -

Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant -

Little French Market -

Pure Wine Cafe -

Johnny's Bistro on Main (blog post here) -

Sweet Cascades Chocolatier -

Tea on the Tiber -

The Rumor Mill Fusion Bar & Restaurant -

Cacao Lane Restaurant -

Portalli's -

Bean Hollow Roastery & Espresso (blog post here) -

The Phoenix Emporium -

Charles and Thomas at The Trolley Stop

Even though main street is closed, The Trolley Stop (read our 2015 blog post here) is one of the few restaurants still open in historic Ellicott City. Charles and I decided to show our support by dining there last night.

We will continue to share news and fundraisers about our town. Please contact us with information so we can get it out.

We are #ECStrong

- Thomas and Charles

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