Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mamma Lucia - Columbia

My family and I ate at Mamma Lucia for great tasting Italian cuisine. We ate here only one time before when the restaurant first opened. Wish we had come back sooner. It's technically located in Elkridge, in the Lark Brown shopping ctr with near Trader Joe's, but it's on the border of Columbia.

The first thing I saw when I walked in were these scrumptious garlic knots. They were offered as free samples while we waited to be seated. I quickly popped one in my mouth and this unbelievably, fabulous, flavorful sensation struck my taste buds. The inside was soft  & fluffy while the outside was lightly coated with oil and fresh minced garlic & herbs. I would come back to this restaurant just for these garlic knots.

All of our entrees came with either a house or caesar salad
( caesar pictured above)

 A basket of these giant seasoned garlic bread
slices accompanied with an oil cheese dip was
brought to our table when we first sat down.

 After we finished our garlic knots, garlic bread & dip, and salads, our entrees arrived steamming hot and ready to eat.  We all ordered different entrees so we could try a variety of dishes. 

Gamberetti Alfredo (we added broccoli)- 
 the shrimp & broccoli were
perfectly cooked and the  sauce was 
buttery creamy with hints of garlic and spices. 

One of daily specials - Seafood Siciliano -
included large shrimp, tender scallops, sweet crab meat in a Marsala wine sauce (we requested cappelini pasta). It was exceptional!
The sauce had a sweet and robust flavor
that blended perfectly with the seafood.  

We wanted to try the pizza so we ordered a slice of sausage. The crust was soft and tender and the thinly sliced sausage was  mild with a spicy hint. Terrific!

This is another special of the day - Seafood Adriatico - with mussels, salmon and shrimp in a tomato sauce. This had a huge piece of salmon that could have been a meal by itself.

Daily Special - Seafood Adriatico 

 Mamma Lucia offers overly generously portions of fantastic Italian food. Plan on needing a take home box like we did. The menu is endless - we lost count on how many different items they offer. So there is something for everyone on it.

At the end of our meal we met one of Mamma Lucia's co-owners.  We had some laughs talking to him and members of the staff before leaving. The staff made our trip fun and easy. 

Our only recommendation about going to Mamma Lucia is ..... you may want to think twice before you wear an Eagles football shirt (see green sweatshirt I'm holding in this picture) to the restaurant.  Try it and let me know how it goes. 

- Charles 
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  1. I work there! Glad you liked the food! And Yes, Seth (above, the owner) Is a huge Red Skins fan!

  2. Thanks Jenny for posting a comment. It seems like Mamma Lucia is not only a great place to eat but also to work. The owner Seth and manger David were a lot of fun to meet. Made us feel very welcome.