Sunday, October 14, 2012

We're Back

We're Back!!!!!!!

Hello, it's Charles. In the past couple of weeks, my brother and I have gotten a bit sidelined and we haven't had as many posts as we normal do. What have we been doing you ask?

Thomas playing ball 

Well, the start of schoolwork and extra-curricular activities got the better of me and my brother....but all in a good way.

My brother Thomas put a ton of practice time into trying out for his middle school varsity basketball team. Good news -  he made the team. He also won a spot on the school student council and jazz band.  
Charles dressed up for homecoming

I started writing for my high school newspaper and was just appointed the political correspondent. Plus, I recently founded an Italian club at my school- stay tuned for some posts about Italian restaurant outings.

Thanks for all the folks who posted comments on our blog. We will be answering them this weekend. 

Look for two new blogs posts - (1) Mamma Lucia Italian Restaurant and (2) an unusual one about food needed for our furry friends. Enjoy!

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